In factory building, everything is planned and ordered before construction begins. This eliminates unexpected cost increases along the way. When construction starts, you will know how much your home will cost when it’s done.

Of the types of homes that can be constructed in a factory, manufactured homes in particular can make homeownership possible at a lower cost. The use of a surface-mount foundation with a manufactured home cuts thousands of dollars from the price of a home. And if you choose to buy a home in a landlease community, where you lease the lot rather than buying it, the overall cost is reduced significantly, with the cost of the land taken out of the equation.

We believe in the modular approach to building because it allows us 100% quality assurance with a secured team of trained craftspeople working in a comfortable, safe, year-round environment. This allows us tight control over our costs, our timing, our materials and our quality – which translates into a commitment to our customers that we honour every time.

Consider the advantages of modular, manufactured homes.

Keep your building clean and simple with modular homes: faster to finish, cost-controlled, with a single point of contact from start to finish. Our Manufacturers’ Homes will always provide you with beautiful, healthy, quality homes. Modular homes give you all the design flexibility you need. Customize plans or come to us with your own. From colonials to cape cods, single family to seniors’ living: your style and use options are endless. You can choose and offer an extensive range of indoor and outdoor finishes and tailored options.

The centralized, indoor manufacturing process gives you exquisite workmanship always to code, modern technologies and techniques, year-round construction without weather delays, damage or vandalism on site. Keep your sites clean and quiet by building in a safe, controlled environment. Control your costs: no surprises on site, material or work team sourcing delays, or time lost to weather.

We’re efficient: reducing waste and safely recycling. Our Retailers keep you updated on all aspects of your project through a single point of contact. As a result, you spend less time on project management and fewer hours dealing with construction and labour issues. Overall, communications are improved and the chance of error is significantly reduced.