Frequently Asked Questions

By working as a group to give our industry a strong voice for issues that affect the MHAAC such as:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) issues of concern for the transportation of our product
  • Building code issues that affect the cost of our product and place our industry on an even playing field
  • Land Lease Community (LLC) issues that can affect our rights as Land Lease Community (LLC) owners
  • Offer our members an opportunity to voice their concerns on issues they feel are important to their business
  • Network with other Manufacturers, Retailers, Land Lease Community Owners, Financial Institutions,

Transporters, Warranty Providers and Suppliers to promote the advantages of Manufactured Housing over alternatives

  • Solve Issues – Government, housing, transportation, Building Codes and any of the other challenges we face
  • Help with issues/questions for your particular business
  • Help our Manufactured Housing Industry become the first choice for housing in Atlantic Canada by growing its market share
  • To be the voice of the industry in all sectors including housing, finance, building officials, government, and home builders associations
  • To represent our members in a professional manner and to work on behalf of our members for the betterment of our industry
  • To act as a liaison with government departments and other associations on issues which affect our industry
  • Ensure that manufactured housing interests and benefits are heard within the other associations affecting our industry
  • Attract new members
  • The MHAAC is a strong association with manufacturers and other business leaders represented at the Board level – with common interests and common challenges
  • Access to a wealth of information regarding manufactured housing, retailers, LLC’s and financial institutions
  • If you are a stakeholder in this industry, there are many benefits such as access to professional development training
  • To be part of the MHAAC group of high quality industry partners
  • To experience the power of networking
  • We are the “go-to” group for housing in Atlantic Canada
  • Fresh ideas, discuss issues affecting the industry and resolve them
  • You have the opportunity to participate in our Annual General Meeting and also our Semi-Annual Membership meeting
  • You are welcome to attend board meetings
  • Sharing best practices
  • Opportunity to share experiences and ideas with your peers and also to get to know the other stakeholders in your community
  • We participate in the Regional and National conferences of the Canadian Homes Builder’s Association (CHBA)
  • We provide equal opportunities for anyone to be involved, at a Board level, and/or committees
  • You would receive regular updates on specific industry related issues
  • Opportunity to influence the decisions made on behalf of the industry
  • You will be privy to pertinent information on government changes, updates, programs as soon as they become available
  • All members lead busy lives, but they have the ability to network with others, as their time allows. You may find it easier to pick up the phone and speak to someone who may have the same issues or concerns
  • You would find the guest speakers at our meetings interesting with information that is pertinent to our industry

All voices are not only welcome, they are heard, making feedback invaluable for all members.

  • We value everyone’s input, and look forward to the participation of our members
  • Our Committees focus on important issues concerning the Association

The Committee names are as follows:

  • Education Committee
  • Financial Committee
  • Government Relations Committee
  • Growing The Association Committee
  • Statistics Committee
  • Land Lease Committee

We welcome you to join our Association and become a Committee member

The Association always plan our meetings with professional development in mind.

All potential members are welcome to attend a meeting to acquaint yourself with the environment.  Voting is for members only.  Registration and fees may be applicable.  Contact us to find out when our next meeting is.

  • Worked with Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute (now CHBA – Modular Sector Council) to get Chattel Loan Program (CLP) program in place
  • Input as it related to GST Housing Rebates
  • Developed standardized Landlord Consent for lending institutions
  • Transportation MOU
  • Cargo Securement
  • Improvements in the NS Residential Tenancies Act
  • Reduction in building permit fees for manufactured homes in Bridgewater, NS
  • Making sure that Manufactured Housing is included in NS government incentive rebate programs
  • Inclusion of Land Lease Communities (LLC) in the Assessment Cap Program
  • Influence – most government departments now come to the Association for input prior to making regulatory changes
  • Provided valuable input on the proposed changes to industry building codes (CSA-A277, CSA-Z240 & CSA-Z240.10.1)
  • Influenced the bylaw for Land Lease Community to be repealed in Lunenburg County

Our membership dues are an annual fee (pro-rated).

Membership Dues, partnership and registration fees are our only source of Income.

Manufacturers and their Retailers, Financial Institutions, Manufactured Housing Transporters, Manufactured Housing Suppliers, Trades, Warranty Providers, Real Estate Agents, Affiliated Associations, Land Lease Community Owners and their Retailers, and Insurance Providers.

Manufacturers, Retailers, Suppliers, Transporters, Land Lease Communities, Financial Providers, Warranty Providers, Insurance Providers, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents; and whoever else would like to support the Growth of the Manufactured Housing Industry.

Become a Member

Become a member of our non-profit organization of industry leaders and become a valued part of our decision-making process.

Have a voice in the direction, promotion and growth of the manufactured housing industry.