Now more than ever, the substantial advantages of factory-built modular and manufactured homes make them a desirable alternative for new home buyers looking for quality, value and choice. In fact, every year, factory-built houses are becoming a larger and larger portion of new home construction. The many advantages of today’s factory-built homes include:

  • Greater dollar value per square foot
  • Shorter time to completion
  • Quality materials and workmanship
  • Advanced construction technologies
  • Higher energy efficiencies
  • Independent third party inspections
  • Lack of exposure to the elements during construction
  • Better control of inventory of material
  • More efficient use of materials and labor
  • Ability to purchase larger quantities of materials and gain pricing advantages through volume purchasing

For all that, there are almost no disadvantages. Gone are the days when factory built meant single-story cookie cutter homes. Today, style and floor plan variety is almost limitless, and custom design is becoming more and more popular. In fact, with the vast options available today it is very difficult to distinguish the difference between many factory built homes and site constructed homes.