With factory-building construction proceeds without interruption from beginning to end:

  1. Every step necessary for the construction of your new home is scheduled prior to the commencing the building process.
  2. All materials required to build your home are on hand in a dry factory environment available when needed so construction of your home can proceed without delays waiting for delivery of materials or tradespeople.
  3. Construction of your home will not be delayed by poor weather — we’re building inside regardless of the weather outside.
  4. Site preparation and foundation work can be carried out while the home is being built in the factory—further reducing overall construction time.

Setting your home on your site can efficiently be done in a day.

Then, depending on the size and complexity of your home you may be able to move in a few days to a few weeks.  Your builder will provide you with a finish date prior to beginning work on your home.

With factory construction, you’ll know when your new home will be ready.